How to Draw a Dog Bowl Step-by-Step

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Things You'll Need

  • Pen or pencil
  • Paper

Dog bowls are simply receptacles for holding a dog's food and water, and drawing them is as easy as getting a dog to come to dinner. By drawing just a few lines and shapes, you can draw a recognizable dog bowl - you don't even need to erase anything. Drawing a dog bowl takes only a few seconds, and gives any cartoon dog something to salivate over.

Draw a horizontal oval - the two pointed ends should be facing left and right, with the broad sides facing up and down.

Below the bottom of the oval, draw a curved line that curves at the same angle as the oval. It should be slightly bigger, so that each end of the line is slightly further out than the tips of the oval.

Draw an angled line that connects the left tip of the oval to the left end of the bottom line. Do the same on the right side, connecting that tip of the oval to that end of the curved line.

Write a dog's name in the space under the oval.

Draw small, rounded M shapes inside the oval to create the appearance of lumpy dog food.


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