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How to Draw a Basket

Draw a Basket
All drawings by Nani

Baskets are handy items and decorative, too. Basket weaving is a creates intricate designs that are sometimes difficult to transfer into drawing form. Picnic baskets, at times, have a high degree of drawing difficulty because of the bends and weaves. You can transfer the technique used in paper basket weaving to the drawing aspect of basket creation. Realizing that the paper baskets have a rectangle or square pattern to them makes the drawing easier. By studying the weave, the drawing pattern can be ingrained into a person’s "drawing memory bank."

Draw a Basket
All drawings by Nani

Things You'll Need:

  • Drawing Paper
  • Pencil Eraser
  • Drawing Pencil

Draw a horizontal elliptical oval.

Add a square to the bottom of the oval. You will only draw three sides of the square, since the elliptical from Step 1 acts as the top side.

Add a handle to the top of the basket. The handle should be shaped like a rainbow.

Draw a trim line along the rim of the basket. Draw vertical columns that begin at the bottom of the basket and go up to the trim.

Add horizontal lines to the basket. For this step, do not draw the horizontal straight across. Instead, think of a checkerboard and create alternating squares.

Draw mini circle/ovals side-by-side of each other on the basket handle and trim.

Shade or color your basket to complete it.


Take the design from the paper basket weaving method and transfer it to drawing paper using the same square or rectangle sequence. The square or rectangle sequence can create a visual trick that can fool the eye into thinking the pattern is actually a weave.

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