How to Download Music & Move Music to iTunes

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Things You'll Need

  • iTunes, latest version
  • iTunes subscription

Create your own music library with ITunes, which allows you to download music to your computer from either the web or from outside sources, such as compact discs. Customized playlists allow you to move and manage your music to suit your personal tastes. You can also download music directly to your Apple Wi-Fi capable mobile device (iTouch, iPhone, iPad, etc...) when you are on the go.

Open iTunes and enter the name of the song or the artist of the song you want to buy into the "Search" box. Click the small magnifying glass icon, and iTunes will return your results. Click on the song you want to buy. If you are not sure it is the song, or the version of the song you want, click the "Play" icon next to the title which will play a sample of the song for you to hear.

Click on the "Buy" button for the song you want. A pop-up box will appear asking "Are you sure you want to buy and download [This Song]?" Confirm your purchase and your download will begin. Download time will depend on your internet connection speed. After the song is downloaded, it will appear in your iTunes library.

Move music from your library onto your Apple device by clicking on the song and dragging it over to the device icon. Holding down the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard allows you to click on and highlight multiple titles to move more than one song at a time.

Download music from your own compact disc (CD) collection to add to your library. Put the CD into your computer and open iTunes. A new window in your library appears which will show you the names of the songs from the CD.

Decide if you want to import the entire CD into your library. If so, click “Yes” and downloading begins. If you only want certain songs, click “No” and uncheck the box next to the songs you don’t want. Click on "Import CD" and the songs you chose will begin downloading onto your computer and be added to your iTunes library.

Add music from your computer to your iTunes library. On the navigation bar, click "File" and in the drop-down box, click "Add File to Library." Through the popup window that appears, browse your computer for wherever you have music files saved. Click on the songs you want to add and then click “Open.” Your music files will be added to your library.

Download music to your Wi-Fi-capable mobile device such as an iTouch or iPhone for when you are away from the computer. Connect to iTunes via the iTunes app that comes pre-loaded on Apple's devices. Find the song you want to buy, and touch "Buy." Your purchase will be downloaded directly to your mobile device. The next time you open iTunes to synch your computer with your mobile device, iTunes will add your purchase to your library.

Move and manage your music library through the use of playlists. From the navigation bar, click "File," and then click "New Playlist." Name your new playlist then click, hold and drag the songs you want in it from your library. Change the order of the songs in your playlist by clicking on them, holding them, and dragging them up or down. Deleting songs from a playlist will not delete them from your library or your computer. To add a playlist to your mobile device, click on the playlist and drag it to your device icon.


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