How to Download Instrumental Songs

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For some people, a song isn't complete until it has vocals. However, there are many who find instrumental music to be a valid and enjoyable genre of music. The styles of available instrumental music range from rock to classical. Other people download instrumental music to use it for music creation purposes. When downloading music for this purpose, an artist will find, download and use an instrumental track as a background for their own vocals, which they will then add to the song.

Downloading Instrumental Music for Music Creation Purposes

Search for a Web site that offers instrumental songs. Using a popular search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, may yield many options. Explore the sites thoroughly and select the one that best suits your needs.

Browse the selection of instrumental tracks on the site. Most instrumental download sites offer a variety of genres.

Carefully read the terms for downloading the instrumental. Common styles of purchase are exclusive and nonexclusive. Purchasing an exclusive license is more expensive, but on most sites that means that you will be the only one with rights to that instrumental and that you can use it for any purposes. A nonexclusive license is less expensive but means that others may also download the instrumental and use it with their music.

Once you have made a decision and carefully reviewed the licensing terms, you can then buy and download the song.

Downloading Instrumental Music for Listening Purposes

Go to any online music retailer that offers downloadable music. Alternatively, iTunes or other similar programs, as well as devices such as certain cell phones, let you browse and download songs.

Search for instrumental artists. Many of the most trafficked online retailers, such as, do not list instrumentals as a genre. This makes it difficult if you do not know the exact name of the instrumental artist or song that you are seeking. You might need to use a simple search engine query to help you find instrumental artists who may appeal to you.

Armed with a list of instrumental artists, you can now purchase and download their music.


  • Most popular music download services let you sample songs before you buy them. Once you find a Web site that lists instrumental artists who sound appealing to you, you can search for them and sample their music before buying and downloading it.