How to Do the Toothpick Star Magic Trick

Things You'll Need

  • Toothpicks
  • Water

How to Do the Toothpick Star Magic Trick. The toothpick star magic trick makes for great dinner table entertainment or a good old-fashioned bar trick. All you need to make magic are some toothpicks, a little water and an inquisitive audience. Keep them guessing by hiding your water until it's time to get the toothpicks moving.

Bend five toothpicks in half so that they crack.

Place the toothpicks on the middle of a table so the middle of each toothpick touch and the ends point out.

Tell your audience you will make the toothpicks form a star without ever touching them.

Give them a chance to "move the toothpicks" to make a star before you show them the trick. Tell them they have to form a star without ever touching the toothpicks.

Drop a small amount of water onto the middle of the toothpicks. The wood absorbs the water and forces the middles out. The result is ends of each toothpick meet to form a star.


  • Practice the trick ahead of time to find the right amount of water needed to move the toothpicks. Ask your audience to place the toothpicks so they feel like they're part of the trick.


  • Don't use wax or plastic-coated toothpicks. They won't absorb the water or move. This is a pretty basic trick, and it's also fairly popular, so people may already know it.

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