How to Do the Texas Two-Step

Get your dancing shoes on, time for the Texas two-step.

How to Do the Texas Two-Step. The Texas two-step is danced with two quick steps and two slow steps. After reading this eHow you'll be equipped with the basic knowledge of dancing the Texas two-step. Practice it at home and after you've learned it it's time to go show off what you've learned to some country tunes.


Stand with your feet together facing your partner.

Put your right hand on your partner's waist.

Put your left hand out to your side with your arm slightly bent.

Gently grasp your partner's hand.

Wait for the music to start.

On the first beat, step forward quickly with your left foot.

On the second beat, step forward quickly with your right foot.

On the third beat, step forward again with your left foot, but slowly.

Pause through the fourth beat.

On the fifth beat, step forward slowly with your right foot.

Pause through the sixth beat, then pull your left foot even with your right.



Place your left hand on the leader's right shoulder.

Bend your right elbow and place the palm of your right hand lightly on his outstretched palm.

Do the opposite of what your partner does. Move your right foot back when the leader moves his left foot forward on the first beat.

Continue following the directions for the leader, but in reverse - stepping back with your left foot when he steps forward with his right.


Don't pick up your feet much. You want your feet to glide across the floor. See Resources for a link to a video clip of the two-step


This isn't as easy as it looks.

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