How to Do the Hora

How to Do the Hora. The hora is frequently danced at Jewish weddings and bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs.

Stand in a circle holding the hands of the people on either side of you.

When the music starts, follow the circle as it rotates.

Step to the side, passing your left foot behind your right.

Move the right foot beside the left foot.

Step to the side again, passing your left foot in front of your right this time.

Continue as the circle keeps spinning, adding a little hop to your steps as you go faster.

Move toward the center of the circle and throw your hands, still holding those of the people beside you, in the air.

Lower your hands and move backward.

Repeat several times.

Resume spinning around the circle.


This is not hard.


At some functions, men and women may dance in different groups.

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