How to Do the Electric Slide Dance

How to Do the Electric Slide Dance. There are many variations of the electric slide. Because most people learn the dance from watching other people, and many people leave out different parts, the vast majority of us do it wrong. In most dances, this isn't a problem since it doesn't affect anyone but the dancer. But to Ric Silver, the dance's creator, dancing the electric slide correctly is a big deal.

Collect a group of people and learn the dance together. Having more people to analyze the dance steps helps the learning process.

Learn the electric slide with the steps and counts that Ric Silver originally used for his dance. Find them on eHow's tutorial or the videos on The Electric website (see Resources below).

Commit the basic steps and beat patterns to muscle memory. Pound the dance into your head so you rarely, if ever, make a mistake.

Practice on your own and with your group until you're ready to perform the electric slide flawlessly.

Film your rendition of the electric slide, and make sure it conforms with the terms of license. As added protection, you can get permission from Ric Silver to post it on the Internet by contacting him through The Electric website (see Resources below).

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