How to Do the Dice Magic Trick

How to Do the Dice Magic Trick. Remove viewing is when you see the world through the eyes of someone else. You see what they are seeing and understand their thoughts. With a simple dice trick, you can make people believe you have this ability. Basic addition makes the trick work, but it will seem like magic to observers. The trick's simplicity makes it great for an impromptu poker night performance.

Tell your audience of poker buddies or friends you can do remote viewing. Explain what this is for those with puzzled looks on their faces.

Pick one person and give them a pair of dice. Turn your back to the person with the dice. Tell the group you'll have the person generate a random number with the dice and then, with remote viewing, magically determine the number.

Instruct the person to roll the dice. Tell her to add the two numbers on the dice together in her head, but not to say anything out loud.

Have your friend pick up one of the dice, turn it over and look at the number. Tell him to add this number to the total.

Ask the dice roller to roll the dice she picked up one more time. Then, have her add this number to her total as well.

Turn around to face the person and the dice. Look at the dice, add the numbers showing together and then add seven. By adding seven, you'll always come up with their number no matter what the number is.

Make a good magic presentation of the dice trick. Tell the person to concentrate on his number and pretend to go into a remove viewing trance. To add to the dramatic effect, write the number on a piece of paper and reveal it to the group.

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