How to Do the Dance Wobble

The Wobble dance is ideal for uniting skilled dancers and beginners.
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Wobble dance operates along the same lines as a line dance, where a group of people gather together, face the same direction and perform the dance steps in unison. Because many steps of the Wobble involve standing in place, you should try to keep your hips moving with the beat at all times, and, when all else fails and you forget the steps, look to your side and copy what everyone else is doing.

Begin by shaking your hips to the beat, in order to feel the rhythm of the music.

Take a step forward and wobble in place for four beats. The wobble is where the dance gets its name, and it merely refers to shaking your hips and shoulders to the beat, while you stand in place.

Take a step back and wobble for four beats. When you take a step back, you should be back in the place where you started.

Take a step to the right and drop your right shoulder, while wobbling for four beats.

Take a step to the left and drop your left shoulder, while wobbling for four beats.

Put your right foot forward, while leaving your left foot in place, and wobble for four beats. This part is called the cha-cha, where you continue to move your hips and dance with one leg forward.

Continue the cha-cha by pulling your right foot back and placing your left foot in front of you. You'll do this and hold your left foot out for a total of four beats.

Turn to your left at a 90 degree angle, and start over, repeating the dance from Step 1. During this turn, you'll turn and wobble for a total of four beats, before stepping forward to begin the next series of moves.


  • You can perform each move for a shorter period of time than four beats. Because each song has a different tempo, some songs may call for two beats for each move, instead of four.