How to Do a Wire Sculpture

Do a Wire Sculpture

How to Do a Wire Sculpture. Wire sculpture is an art that has existed for hundreds of years. The creative possibilities are endless with wire sculpture. Anything can be sculpted in wire, from small figurines to yard ornaments.

Choose the right wire for your sculpture. Steel wire is the cheapest, so probably the best to use as a beginner or for mock-ups before making the final sculpture. Copper wire is another option, but more costly. Stay away from shiny or galvanized wire, which can give off toxic fumes if heated. Wire is measured by gauge--the larger the gauge, the thicker the wire.

Get the right tools needed for wire sculpture. The basic tools you need to begin are vice grips which hold the wire together in places, needle nose pliers for tight curves and bends, wire cutters, squared pliers for squared angles, and a metal file for sharp edges.

Sketch the design for your wire sculpture. Briefly sketch your design ideas on paper with a pencil or pen. This gives you a guideline to begin with which can help you know how long the pieces of wire should be, and how much wire will be used.

Form the sculpture. Using the sketch as a guide, lay out the wire roughly formed to the shape. A 3 D sculpture can be formed with one long piece of wire bent to fill the space, or several pieces of wire can be welded together to form the shape.

Prime and paint the sculpture. There are many primer options out there to choose from. Some are spray, and some are painted on. Some are sandable. Once the primer is dry, airbrush or hand paint the sculpture.