How to Do a Tree Rubbing

How to Do a Tree Rubbing. Children of all ages will enjoy doing tree rubbings. Take your child on a nature walk and watch as they learn and discover interesting things about trees. Do this as a fun craft or as a science experiment for school or home school projects. The following will show you how to do a tree rubbing project.

Make a folder to hold all your findings by stapling or fastening 2 pieces of construction paper together with 5 to 15 pieces of white paper between the tw2 o pieces of construction paper. Label the front of the folder "Trees" and draw a picture on the front of the folder.

Go for a walk through your neighborhood, in a park or through the woods. Look for trees with interesting patterns on their trunks and those with interesting and pretty leaves.

Observe your tree and write down information about it such as how tall you think it might be, how big the trunk is, what the leaves look like, how old you think the tree is and other things you can think of. Take a sample of one of its leaves and a small twig.

Place a piece of white paper up against the trunk of the tree and rub on it evenly with a pencil until you get an even impression of the bark. Do the same with the leaf sample you have taken.

Keep the samples, notes and rubbings of each tree together so that you don't mix up your findings. Use paper clips to fasten them together.

Take all your samples and rubbings home and glue or tape them into your folder, labeling each tree part. Cut out your rubbings to fit onto the page.

Do a search on the Internet to see what tree your samples are taken from and label them accordingly for your project.


You can also use this tree rubbing method to make greeting cards, crafts and other pieces of art.

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