How to Do a Darning Stitch

Things You'll Need

  • Darning or sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors

How to Do a Darning Stitch. It's annoying when your favorite socks spring a hole where your toe sticks out or your new slacks separate where the seam didn't get stitched properly. Remedy small sewing problems with a darning stitch. You'll be able to wear your favorite items in no time. Just read the following steps to learn the basics the darning stitch.

Find thread that matches the item you need to repair. Match the color as closely as possible. Thread the darning or sewing needle. Cut the length of your thread to the size of the area you want to repair. Cut more thread than you'll actually need, so you won't have to rethread the needle while darning. Tie a small knot at the end of the thread.

Turn your clothing item inside out. Find the spot that needs repairing.

Insert your darning needle along the seam line about 1/2 inch away from the spot needing repair. Push the needle through the two fabric pieces and gently pull the needle and thread all the way through. Push the needle through the fabric from the other side and pull the thread all through. Make your stitches small, depending upon the fabric. This is a standard running, or straight, darning stitch. The running stitch is used to repair seams that come loose inside skirts, pants or blouses.

Push the needle through the fabric and pull all the thread through. Loop the thread along with the needle back over to the front side to insert the needle again right beside the first stitch. Continue doing this until your garment is completely mended. This stitch is called a twine stitch. It's used quite often to mend items such as socks.

Secure your darning stitch after you have completely stitched or darned the area repaired. Run the needle down through the stitches several times, make a small loop knot with the needle and thread length. Snip the thread close to the darned area. Examine the area you just darned to make sure you repaired all of it.