How to Dissolve Rubber Cement

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Things You'll Need

  • Clean hand cloths
  • Mineral spirits

Rubber cement is an adhesive comprised of elastic polymers mixed with a solvent. This allows the polymers to be fluid enough to be utilized. Rubber cement works by the solvent evaporating, leaving behind the “rubber” ingredient, which forms a very strong bond. Rubber cement is used in the arts for its damage-free removal properties, and in other areas in which glue is needed for its strong-bond properties. Removing rubber cement requires you to dissolve it, which can be done quite easily with mineral spirits.

Apply mineral spirits on a clean hand cloth until the cloth is damp.

Place the damp cloth directly on top of the rubber cement glue.


Keep the cloth on top of the rubber cement for at least several hours. This will soften and dissolve the rubber cement glue.


Remove the rubber cement glue by wiping it away with a clean hand cloth.



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