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How to Disassemble Band Hero Drum Kit Legs

The leg assembly of the Band Hero drum kit is made from two telescopic poles that slot into a pair of feet that are connected by a bar that runs across the floor. The drum pads simply slot onto the two poles and do not need to be secured further before the drums can be used. Most of the kit just slots together and is very simple to disassemble for storage. The only secured sections are the feet, which clip on to a connecting bar. You will need tools to remove each foot from this bar.

Disconnect the kick pedal cable from the back of the drum pads and then lift the kick pedal off of the bar that connects the feet. Lift the drum pads upwards to remove them from the poles.

Place your foot on the bar that connects the feet to anchor it to the ground. Pull each pole upwards to remove them from their sockets.

Open the clasp found half way up each pole. Push the two ends of one pole together so that it retracts and then close the clasp. Repeat this with the other pole.

Place the tip of a flat head screwdriver under both tabs that secure the connecting bar to one foot. One tab is on the top of the foot and the other is underneath. Simultaneously pry the two tabs on one foot outward and then twist the bar. Pull the bar out and then repeat this on the other foot.


It is easier to remove the drum feet with two people. Each person should pry one tab each on a single foot before the bar is twisted.


  • You might damage the tabs that secure the connecting bar as you disconnect the drum feet. This will not affect the drum set when it is assembled, but might mean the connecting bar will not lock onto the feet. The feet and connecting bar are not designed to come apart after initial assembly.
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