How to Decorate Glass Votive Holders

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Things You'll Need

  • Glue
  • Sand
  • Glitter
  • Old magazines or newspaper
  • Mod Podge
  • Ribbons
  • Lace
  • Stickers
  • Stained glass paint

The dancing flames of a votive candle add ambiance to a variety of settings from a wedding reception to a home living room. Glass votive holders make the candle more attractive as well add an element of safety by protecting surfaces from melting hot wax. There are numerous options for decorating these glass votive holders, limited only by your imagination and available supplies.

Place a layer of glue over the outside of the glass votive holder. Roll it in clean sand and let dry. Attach seashells around the base to add a beach theme to a room. Roll it in white and silver glitter or fake snow for centerpieces at a winter wedding.

Cut out pictures or words from a magazine or newspaper and attach them to the glass votives using the decoupage method. Glue the cut-outs to the surface of the glass using Mod Podge, a glue and sealant available at most craft stores. Let dry. Apply a layer of Mod Podge over the entire surface of the glass votive to seal in the pictures. Apply a second layer to create a thick, protected seal.

Coat your glass votive with mosaic cement, available at most craft stores. Press colored glass stones or tiles in a pattern around the candle holder. Allow time to dry. Light the votive candle and the light will shine through the stones creating a colorful effect.

Wrap or braid together strands of two or three different colors of ribbon or string. Make the strand long enough to completely wrap around the glass votive several times. Coat the candle holder in glue and attach the ribbon strand to the outside.

Tie a bow around the base of the glass votive holder for a simple, quick way to decorate the item. Make sure the bow doesn’t extend above the top of the glass.

Cut out a piece of lace in the same size as the glass votive holder. Glue it around the outside of the holder for an old-fashioned country look.

Decorate the outside of the candle holder with small stickers. Choose several sheets of small stickers and create patterns around the glass as a craft project children can create.

Use stained-glass paint to decorate the votive candle holder with a picture or pattern. Apply the paint with a fine-tipped brush.

Cover the glass votive with paint and let dry. Etch designs in the paint using a sharp metal object such as a nail or pin.