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How to Decorate Confirmation Stoles

Confirmation is an important event in a child's life within many Christian communities. It is a rite of passage that signifies maturity. Confirmation's main purpose is to give the child the opportunity to publicly accept the promises their parents made in their stead during baptism. Confirmation stoles are worn by those that are being confirmed. The stoles can include symbols of previous sacraments received, symbols of faith, favorite activities and family life.

Things You'll Need:

  • Straight Pins
  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Iron-On Letters
  • Needle And Thread
  • Marker
  • Ironing Board
  • Printer
  • Sewing Chalk
  • Stole
  • Fabric Glue
  • Computer
  • Sheets Of Felt
  • Iron
  • Computer Paper

Select symbols for the stole. A dove, a cross and a favorite Bible verse can be symbols of faith represented on the stole. Pictures that represent your hobbies, family or other interests can be included on your stole as well. Consult with your confirmation teacher, priest or pastor if you are having difficulty selecting symbols for the stole. They can help guide you in the right direction or have specific instructions on what is appropriate to place on the stole.

Lay the stole flat on your work surface. Locate the center with the measuring tape and mark with the sewing chalk.

Search for images for your stole. You may also be able to find them in books from your church's library. Print or make copies of the pictures and cut them out. Craft stores can provide you with symbol and design ideas.

Place a cut-out image face down on a piece of felt. Pin it in place. Trace the picture with a marker.

Cut the symbol out of the felt and set it aside. Do the same with all the symbols you intend to use.

Place the symbols of faith on the right side of the stole. This is the right side when it is being worn. Make sure the symbols are evenly spaced out and centered.

Place the symbols that represent the child's interests on the other side. Make sure they are centered and balanced with the symbols on the right side.

Use fabric glue or needle and thread to attach the symbols to the stole.

Spell out the wearer's name with the iron-on letters. Use the sewing chalk to center the name on the neck of the stole. Use the measuring tape to keep the letters straight.

Use fabric glue or needle and thread to attach the letters to the stole.


Some churches require or encourage the confirmees to make their stoles. Check with your pastor or youth leader on their requirements.

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