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How to Decorate Bath Towels

Bath towels, like hand towels, can be decorated
A. Johnson

Bath towels can be used to add decorator accents to your bathroom. If you can't find a towel that complements your décor, you can purchase plain towels and add your own decorations. Traditionally, hand towels and dishtowels have been targeted for embellishments, yet many of the same techniques can be used to decorate bath towels.

Bath towels, like hand towels, can be decorated
A. Johnson

Things You'll Need:

  • Lace, Ribbon Or Trim
  • Scissors
  • Fabric Paint
  • Needle
  • Appliqués
  • Thread
  • Iron

Stitch on a monogram. You can pay extra and purchase monogrammed towels that display your initials, or add your own. Initials in varying font styles can be purchased at the notions or sewing section of a department store or online.

Embroider the edges of the towel. If you like to embroider, use the edges of the bath towel as your embroidering canvas. Use colorfast embroidery thread.

Add appliqués. Appliqués can be purchased at the notion department, or make your own. To make an appliqué, cut out images from pieces of fabric, iron the edges under and sew onto the towel.

Add lace or other trim. Rows of lace, ribbon or other trim along the ends of a towel can add elegance or color. Measure the width of the towel. For each strip of lace or trim you wish to add, purchase a length 1/2 inch wider than the width. Iron under a 1/4-inch hem on each end of the trim. Lay the trim across the width of the towel, in the desired location, and sew into place. You can use a sewing machine or hand stitches. When the towel is folded on the rod, you will not see the stitches.

Decorate the towel with fabric paint. Fabric paint comes in several different forms. It can be purchased in markers to decorate your bath towels. Fabric paint also comes in a spray, which is ideal if you are using stencils. You can also use fabric paint that is painted on with a brush.

Consider temporary decorations instead of permanent embellishments. Dress up your bath towels as they hang from the towel rod. Tie a piece of twine, ribbon or trim around the center of the towel and add sprigs of dry flowers, shells or other embellishments. You can change the embellishments according to the season or special holiday.

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