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How to Decorate a Foot Locker Storage Trunk

A footlocker storage trunk can be decorated for very little money and some creative effort. Footlocker trunks are not the most decorative storage pieces, but the large amount of space they offer is useful. A little spicing up with a few simple tools can transform a bland footlocker into a work of art.

Things You'll Need:

  • Electrical Tape
  • Foam Brush
  • Glue
  • Pictures

Clean off the storage trunk. Completely clean everything from the bottom to the locks to make sure its paper covering sticks and does not lift, roll or bunch. Do not polish it, simple water and a dust rag will do. Let it dry before applying the material.

Choose the material. You can use a variety of materials including scrapbook paper, magazine ads and even candy bar labels. Consider using some of your favorite designs or images, such as polka dots, black and white landscape photos or your favorite handbag ads. Lay out the pictures or other items on the footlocker to see if they correspond with your design idea before you glue to them.

Choose the areas that you want decorated. You don't have to cover the entire storage trunk to make it look good; you can cover the top and bottom or just the trim.

Prepare the surface. If there is any area of the storage trunk you do not want to get glue on or you do not want pictures on, cover it up first. Consider using electrical tape, but test it out on the bottom of the trunk first to make sure it will not take any layers of the storage trunk off upon removal.

Glue the pictures on. Use a strong glue and a foam brush to adhere the materials onto the storage trunk. You can overlap the pictures or leave them edge to edge. Put them on one at a time to avoid any crumpling, tearing or bunching; spread them out evenly and carefully. Once the pictures are glued down, put another layer of glue over the pictures as well.

Let it dry. Do not remove the electrical tape, or any other protection cover that you used, until the glue is completely dry; removing it before it's dry may ruin your artwork. Let the trunk dry for at least a day in a cool, dry area of your home before you take the protection off. When you do remove the tape pull it up and away from you slowly to avoid ripping any of the paper or design.

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