How to Decorate a Bike for a Parade

Things You'll Need

  • Streamers
  • Tape
  • Felt
  • Bike
  • Balloons

How to Decorate a Bike for a Parade. Kids can decorate their bikes for a parade easily by getting a few items to dress it up. A parade can be a colorful and creative experience for a whole town to enjoy. If you want to decorate a bike for a parade, follow these simple steps and get creative.

Go to a party shop that sells streamers. Purchase a variety of colors or colors that pertain to the event. For example, if it's for St. Patrick's Day, get green and white; if it is for Christmas, get green, red and white.

Cut the streamers into pieces so that you can wrap them around your bike. Wrap one piece at a time and try to cover all of the bike with your streamers.

Use tape to hold down each streamer piece and cover the handle bars, spokes and the body of the bike. Try to mix up the colors to create a colorful display.

Add balloons to the back of your bike if you wish. This will draw attention to your masterpiece when you are riding in the parade. You can also attach balloons to the handle bars.

Get a piece of felt to cover the black seat. Choose a bright color to mix in with the body of the bike and tape it over and then under the seat. Make sure it is comfortable to sit on after you have finished, and make sure all of your decorations are intact.