How to Dance the Macarena

How to Dance the Macarena. The catchy song, Macarena, played incessantly on the radio and many people in America danced the Macarena enthusiastically. If you missed learning the Macarena in its heyday, but still hear the song at weddings and parties, you may want to learn how to dance the Macarena. It is easy! 16 simple moves comprise the Macarena. It is helpful to watch a video of Macarena dancing to learn it faster.

Raise your right arm parallel to the ground. Your arm should be straight, palm facing down. Next, raise your left arm in the same way. Flip your right hand over so that the palm is facing up, and then do the same thing with your left hand. This constitutes the first 4 counts of the Macarena.

Bring your right hand to rest on top of your left shoulder, palm facing down. Repeat this motion with your left hand and right shoulder. Move your right hand behind your head on the right side. Your palm should be touching the back of your head. Repeat this move with the left hand and left side. These motions are the second 4 counts of the Macarena.

Place your right hand on the left side of your waist, palm touching your waist. Repeat this movement with your left hand and right side. Bring your right hand around to rest on the backside of your right hip. Repeat that motion with your left hand and left hip. These movements are the third 4 counts of the Macarena.

Bend your knees and sway your hips for 3 counts. You should sway to the right first. On the fourth count, jump a quarter turn counter-clockwise and clap your hands at the same time. You have just completed all 16 steps of the Macarena!

Repeat the dance until the song ends or you are thoroughly sick of the Macarena.

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