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How to Cut Organza

Organza is a thin woven fabric, often created with a material such as silk. The light, airy qualities of organza make it an ideal material to create a flowing dress or shirt. Creating with organza can be a bit challenging, due to its delicate quality. The first step in using organza is learning how to cut the material in order to create a clean line on the edge of the fabric.

Things You'll Need:

  • Rolling Cutter
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Cutting Mat
  • Marking Chalk
  • Organza

Cutting organza

Determine how you are going to use the organza. It is often used as a decorative layer in clothing, such as a large fluffy layer on the skirt of a dress, or simply to make a gift bag. Different uses require different techniques for handling the material. Organza can fray easily once cut, so be sure to handle the cut organza as little as possible.

Using a piece of marking chalk for fabric, draw the lines you would like to cut on the organza. Be sure to measure the area and make sure the lines are exactly where you would like the cut. The saying "measure twice, cut once" applies here. If you are creating a straight line, it is advisable to use a straight edge such as a ruler to draw the line.

If you are creating clothing from the organza and you need to cut lots of curved or intricate lines, use a pair of sharp fabric scissors. Any scissors will work, but it is recommended to have scissors designated only for fabric cutting; cutting paper will dull the edges of the scissors. Follow the cutting line using the sharp fabric scissors. Be sure to create smooth cuts, fully opening the scissors prior to each cut.

If creating something with straight or slightly curved lines, use a rolling cutter to cut the fabric. Lay the fabric on top of a self-healing mat created specifically for cutting. Follow the drawn lines with the sharp rolling cutter. If you are cutting a straight line, use a metal straight edge to help guide the rolling cutter. Apply enough pressure to cut all the way through the fabric as you roll along the line.

After cutting in one direction, turn the piece of fabric and begin the next cut. Continue this process until the entire piece has been cut.

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