How to Crochet a V Stitch

Beginning crocheters often work projects that use rows of single-crochet, double-crochet or triple-crochet stitches with little variation. When you’ve mastered those stitches, you’re ready to move on to patterns that combine those basics, and the V stitch is a good one for your transition. You can work this stitch with any weight of yarn and any size of hook.

Double-Crochet V Stitch

Begin with a chain that is seven stitches plus any multiple of three. For example, chain 43 to begin -- 7 plus 36, or 3 by 12 -- or 61, which is 54 plus 7.

Double crochet into the fourth chain from the hook to make the ending double-crochet stitch for the row.

Chain one.

Skip one of the foundation chain stitches. Double crochet, chain one and double crochet, all in the same stitch. This is the V stitch.

Repeat the pattern across. Turn your work and chain three.

Double crochet into the first double crochet of the last row.

Chain one and then make a V stitch into the center chain of the first V stitch of the last row.

Variations on the V Stitch

Make a V stitch with half-double stitches by starting with a chain that is a multiple of three plus six. Start in the third chain from the hook.

Chain a multiple of three plus eight, and start a triple-crochet variation in the fifth chain from the hook.

You can also use double-crochet stitches without the chain in between. Make two double crochets in the same chain and then skip a chain.