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How to Crochet a Baby Blanket

A baby's blanket is a great gift for a baby shower, baby present or Christmas gift. Handmade blankets are sentimental and a great way to keep a baby warm, protected and comfortable. Crocheting a baby's blanket is easy, fun and something you can do in your spare time.

Things You'll Need:

  • Yarn
  • Pattern
  • Crochet Hook

Look through crochet magazines, books or online for patterns and designs. Cut out or print out your favorite design(s). Select a pattern for your blanket. You can also combine elements of different designs and sketch out your concept on paper.

Select colors and develop your color scheme for each element and background or base color.

Go out and purchase your yarn. Make sure you choose a soft, light yarn. You want something that will be delicate and soft agains the baby's skin. Avoid coarse yarns with added elements such as sparkles and glitter.

Hold the crochet hook in your right hand. Create a simple slip knot with the yarn around the hook's neck, just below the actual hook. Take the yarn with your left hand and cross it over the back of the hook then grab it with the hook. Pull the hooked yarn and hook through the slip knot. Repeat the looping and hooking to make a chain.

Continue your chain by making a second side to the chain. Hook the second to last loop you created and pull back through the slip knot. Do the same all the way down the chain so you have a two wide hooked chain. Repeat until you reach your desired size.

Start with the design elements in the center. If the designs are large blocks or fairly easy concepts, crochet each design element separately. Use a simple stitch crochet loop for each element. Set them aside as you finish each one. You will have two choices in the next step.

Decide whether you would like to make a simple two layer blanket or a more complex single layer blanket. For a two layer blanket, crochet the entire blanket in the background. Then, crochet the design on the top of the base layer, using a simple stitch technique. For a single layer blanket, lay the design elements out on the floor or a large table. Then, crochet the base and then the design element(s) into the base.

Tie off your last yarn end with a double knot. Stretch out the blanket a little by tugging lightly from the inside section, moving outward.

Wash the blanket and then let it hang dry. Once dry, tug at the sides lightly once more. That's it! You just crocheted a baby's blanket.


Add the baby's initials or name with needlework after the blanket is complete


  • Don't use any yarn that has rough elements such as sparkles or tough, coarse yarn
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