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How to Create MIDI Files for Piano Disc

The PianoDisc lets you play stored music tracks through your electronic piano.
keyboard image by Vasiliy Koval from Fotolia.com

PianoDisc is a product that is used in conjunction with self-playing electronic pianos. The PianoDisc stores song information and then relays this information to the electronic piano, instructing it how to play the music. MIDI files are versatile music files that allow you to edit the volume, pitch and tempo of a song. By using a audio-to-MIDI converter, you can create MIDI files from different file formats that are ready for you to put them on your PianoDisc player.

Download and install an audio-to-MIDI converter, such as Audio to MIDI, MIDI Maker and AmazingMIDI. They are free for a short period, but then you will be required to make a payment if you want to continue using the software after the free period has ended.

Double-click on the desktop icon to launch the conversion software.

Click on the folder icon located on the toolbar that runs along the top of the window. Select your chosen track that you want to put on your PianoDisc from your computer and click “Open.”

Choose “MIDI” as the output source when asked.

Alter different settings, such as volume, tempo and pitch, by adjusting the marker on the corresponding scroll bars to your liking.

Select “Piano” as the musical instrument for your output audio. Select “Piano” from the list of options in the drop-down menu, then the MIDI converter will change the file to this format.

Save the converted track by clicking the small “Save” symbol at the bottom of the window.

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