How to Create Face Painting Stencils

How to Create Face Painting Stencils. Even if you're not an artist, you can be the highlight of a child's party or simply entertain your own children with beautifully designed face painting. All it takes are a few tools and a few minutes of your time, and you can build up a library of custom-made face painting stencils to satisfy any child's imagination. With adult supervision, even kids can follow these instructions to create their own face painting stencils.

Choose the designs you'd like to use for your stencils. You can find designs online, or draw them yourself. If you found the designs online, print them out in black ink on a sheet of paper. Keep the design simple and remember that they will have to work around the child's features.

Lay a piece of acetate down on a self-healing cutting mat.

Place the printout or your drawing on top of the acetate.

Tape around the edges of both the printout and the acetate to hold them in place while you work.

Use a sharp craft knife to begin cutting out the areas of your design that are to be painted (leave the paper/acetate intact in areas that will not be painted).

Peel up the tape carefully and remove the print-out from the acetate sheet.

Repeat with more designs as desired.

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