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How to Create Embroidery Patterns Online

Embroidery patterns are great embellishments your craft projects. You can purchase pre-embroidered patterns at your local arts and crafts store. For a more custom look, create your very own embroidery patterns online for a small fee. Use your personalized embroidery on clothing, purses and other accessories to wow your family and friends with items that are one of a kind.

Visit a website, such as embroiderydesigns.com. This site will allow you to create custom embroidery patterns online. Prodigitizing.com will also allow you to create embroidery patterns by using your own personal image or artwork.

Click "Get a Quote" or "Order Now." Clicking "Get a Quote" will allow you to see the price, based on your embroidery needs before you begin creating a pattern. Clicking "Order Now" allows you to begin creating your embroidery immediately and complete the order after the creation.

Upload the image or artwork you will use to create your custom embroidery pattern. There will be a designated area to upload your image or artwork. You will need to draw your picture or take a picture before you can create your custom embroidery pattern. The companies will digitize your artwork or image and make the embroidered pattern exactly like the original.

Choose a design name for your embroidery pattern. This name will not be on the actual pattern but it distinguish your embroidery project from others in their system.

Indicate the size, color, and type of fabric, and the machine format for your embroidered pattern; either website will have choices of machine format and fabric type for you to select from.

Designate the turnaround time for the embroidery pattern. Decide when you need the pattern and when you want it to be shipped to you. A window will pop up allowing you to reviewing your creation, based on your artwork or image.

Complete the order form and include your billing and shipping information; you will get your embroidery patterns at a timely manner based on your turnaround preferences.

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