How to Create an Easy To Make Straight Skirt

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Things You'll Need

  • Sewing machine
  • Tape measure
  • 2 yards black polyester fabric
  • Box of pins
  • Scissors
  • Spool of black thread
  • 1 ½ yard of 1 ½-inch wide black elastic

Straight skirts never seem to go out of style. Women have worn them for decades, which leads one to think no woman should be without at least one straight skirt in her closet. For a sophisticated and polished look, a straight skirt can be worn with just about any type of blouse or blazer. If you do not own a straight skirt and you know how to sew, you may want to consider making one; a straight skirt requires only a few simple stitches. Make your straight skirt with a black fabric for a slenderizing effect.

Measure around your hips and add 3 inches to the number.

Measure from your waist down to your knee and add 2 ½ inches to the number.

Cut out two pieces of black fabric using the measurements you took.

With the right sides of both pieces of fabric facing each other, pin the two pieces of fabric together along the sides that measure from your waist to your knee.

Sew the fabric pieces together on both sides, removing three pins prior to sewing. Sew a few inches, and then remove three more pins. Follow this pattern until you reach the bottom of the skirt.

Wrap the elastic around your waist, stretching it slightly so it feels comfortable. Add 1 inch and cut the elastic.

Sew the elastic together, making your stitches ½ inch in from the edge of the elastic. Take the band of elastic and slip it over the top of the skirt, making sure the skirt is inside out and the band of elastic is turned so its seam does not show.

Sew the edge of the elastic to the edge of the skirt, stretching the elastic as you sew so that it expands to fit the width of the top of the skirt.

Fold the elastic over to the wrong side of the skirt and stitch over the stitches you just made, stretching the elastic as you sew so that it expands to the width of the skirt.

Fold in 1 inch of fabric at the bottom of the skirt and stitch along the edge to make a hem.


  • Wear a wide belt over your straight skirt for a smooth look if you wear your blouse tucked in.


  • When sewing fabric with pins in it, always be careful to avoid striking a pin, which could cause an injury. Wear protective glasses to be on the safe side.