How to Create a Trophy for Free

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Things You'll Need

  • Cup, size of your choosing (plastic or disposable)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Plastic foam board
  • Scissors or razor blade
  • Glue, glue gun or transparent adhesive tape
  • Dark-colored permanent marker

Make a homemade trophy to reward someone for winning a game, completing an important task or just to show that he is special. You can create a trophy for free by using materials you already have at home instead of purchasing one from a store. Make a homemade trophy to save money or as an easy craft to prepare with children.

Set the cup on a piece of aluminum foil and cover the cup completely, wrapping the foil tightly around it. The cup will be used as the centerpiece of the trophy.

Use a pair of scissors or a razor blade, depending on the thickness and density of the plastic foam board, to cut out a square block that is approximately two inches wider than the base of your cup. Cut another square that is approximately four inches wider than the base of the cup. Cut out three squares that are two inches wider than the cup base. Stack the squares in the sequence in which they were cut, one on top of the other, and glue them together to create a thick base.

Cut three more squares that are four inches wider than the cup base. Stack these squares and glue them together..

Cover both portions of the base with aluminum foil. Stack the smaller base on top of the larger base and glue the sections together by using glue, a glue gun or transparent adhesive tape.

Glue or tape the bottom of the cup to the middle of the smaller base.

Create cup handles out of aluminum foil. Cut two strips of silver foil approximately six inches long. Crunch each piece of silver foil lengthwise with your hands until it forms a long rope. Glue the top of the rope to one side of the cup, approximately one inch from the top. Shape the rope into a "C" shape and glue the bottom of the "C" approximately one inch from the bottom of the cup's side. Repeat with the second silver foil rope on the opposite side of the cup.

Use a dark permanent marker to write the name of the award and the recipient on one of the cup's empty sides. For example, write "1st Place Science Project - John Doe."


  • Use a large cup for a first-place prize or a smaller cup to create a trophy that stores easily.

    Plastic foam boards often come in boxes containing household appliances, such as fans or microwaves. If you cannot find a plastic foam board around your house, use a cardboard box.