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How to Create a Space Ghost Costume

Create a Space Ghost Costume
Picture courtesy of Hanna Barbera. Drawing by Alex Toth.

Being Space Ghost is no easy task. You have to save the world, entertain millions on your own show, interview cool celebrities, and stun people with lasers. Now it's easy to look like him, too. That's right, you've seen him live coast to coast, now you can be him this Halloween. Follow this step-by-step guide and you, too, can be as powerful as Space Ghost--or at least look the part. Get yourself a Zorak and get started.

Create a Space Ghost Costume
Picture courtesy of Hanna Barbera. Drawing by Alex Toth.

Things You'll Need:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Straight Pins
  • Optional:Fabric Glue
  • 1 1/2 To 2 Yards Of Yellow Cotton Fabric (Depending On How Billowy You Would Like The Cape)
  • Optional: Batting Or Foam Stuffing For Building Up The Brute Muscles That Space Ghost Naturally Has, But You May Not
  • Pencils To Trace Onto Fabric
  • A Pair Of White Long Johns (Or Ideally, If You Can Find It Or Construct It, A White Spandex Suit)
  • 1/2 Yard Of Black Fabric
  • 1/2 Yard Of Red Cotton Fabric

This is actually the biggest challenge, but it is one of the most important. Fold tblhe ack fabric in half and pin the sides together. Measure the space between your eyes. Usually, this will be about an inch. From half of that distance, draw a triangle shape with a light colored pencil for the eyes. Remember that the fabric is on a fold, so draw only one triangle on the fabric. When you cut through both sides, you will have two eye shapes.

Below that, draw the shape to cut out for the mouth from directly on the fold of the fabric. This shape will look like half of a watermelon. Customize this shape to fit your measurements. Make sure this shape shows off your rugged smile and chiseled jaw. Again, the fabric is still on a fold so remember that when you cut through the fabric, you are cutting through two sides.

Cut out the shapes as cleanly as possible. If your cutouts end up a little jagged, feel free to hem as necessary with a finishing stitch for a more polished look. Also, if they are not quite fit to the way you like, pin where necessary to the shape you need them.

Unfold your fabric. Place the new mask up to your face. Following the curve of your head, connect the two sides of the fabric and pin into place so that the mask can be sewn. Make it tight fitting and customized to fit your own head. You must keep your true identity secret! You might want assistance with this.

Following the pins, sew into place. Cut off the excess material beyond the seams. Turn inside out and hem or fabric glue the bottom of your mask by folding the material under and sewing to hide the edges.

A great way to get the cape to stay in place is to sew it to your mask. Since your mask is customized to fit you, sewing your cape to the mask helps to ensure it flows from where it should--your mighty shoulders. Pin the yellow material to the bottom of the mask. Be sure to leave a hole so you can still pull the mask over your head! You will need to leave about 1/4 of a yard of your yellow material aside for other parts of your costume.

Sew the cape into place along the edge of the mask.

If desired, hem the sides and bottom of your cape for a more polished look. You can do this by simply folding your fabric under along the edges and stitching or gluing the unfinished material underneath.

Iron as needed to press your seams into place.

Put your mask and cape on and stand in front of an oscillating fan for the full effect.

Space Ghost has a very distinctive collar. Across the top center of the chest is his own image. The look is very simple to create and no extreme artistic ability is needed. For the collar, you will need one half of the red material, a few small pieces of the excess yellow material, and about a 4-inch square piece of black material.

Cut a triangle from the red material measuring about 5 inches on each side. This will be the base for your collar.

From the black material, cut out the shape of Space Ghost's head to fit in the center of your red triangle. Also, cut out two small triangles of yellow for the eyes.

Glue the pieces all together with the red triangle as base, Space Ghost head in the center, and yellow triangles for the eyes. Sew if you prefer.

Attach the finished and glued/sewn together to the top center of the long johns. You can do this by a simple stitch along the sides or healthy amounts of fabric glue to keep it in place.

The belt is an important part of your costume. Simply wrap about a 4-inch high piece of black material around your waist. Cut to size. You can double this material over to sew it for a really clean look, or hem along the edges. Once you have done this, cut out about a 3- x 10-inch wide piece of your red material. Attach this rectangle to the center of your black belt by either sewing it or gluing it. Wrap the belt around your waist and tie into place.

No Space Ghost is complete without his all-powerful laser wrist bands. Yours may not be able to turn your enemies into a charred puff of smoke, but it will at least instill some fear. Cut two pieces of red material to wrap around your forearm. Then cut two pieces of yellow material to fit in the center of these red pieces. These yellow pieces should be the length and width of the top of your arm. You can customize these pieces however you like to make them the most intimidating. Attach these yellow pieces to each of your red pieces by stitching together or using fabric glue. Pin the sides together to fit around your forearms, and then sew into place.

Footwear is truly a personal choice. For Space Ghost, his feet are hidden in the footies of his white suit. If you have long johns that will cover your feet, than this is perfect. If you have solid white shoes to wear, these will work, too. If you have neither of these, try pulling a pair of white socks over your shoes to complete the look.

Space Ghost is a very muscular man. Not quite up to snuff or simply want to exaggerate your own machismo? Simply stuff batting or foam under the shirt of your long johns to gain instant mass as desired. Become a body builder in an instant.

Say it loud and proud, "Space Ghost!" Now go get some candy.


Watch Space Ghost while you work on your costume for inspiration. Don't be afraid to customize your costume to fit your wants and needs.

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