How to Create a Rap Press Kit

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Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Email account
  • MP3 files
  • Video files
  • High-resolution photograph
  • Personal website

A press kit is essential to get your music noticed and reviewed by media outlets such as blogs, television stations, newspapers and magazines. A rap press kit consists of a biography, a high-resolution photo and MP3 or video files of your music. For ease of distribution, a digital press kit that can be sent via email and accessed from the Internet is preferable to a hard copy press kit.

Press Kit Assembly

Write a one page biography showcasing your talent as a rap artist. Describe your musical background and artistic influences. Outline your current work and discuss any media attention it has received. Include details for upcoming shows and appearances. List your contact information.

Choose a high-resolution JPEG or PDF photo of yourself that best promotes your personality and skills as a rap artist.

Create a personal website for your music. Choose a website with a free media player. Upload your MP3 files and test the media player to make sure the track names appear correctly when the music player is activated.

Upload your biography and photo to the website. You can direct media outlets to this website for more information about you and your music.

Press Kit Distribution

Make a list of media outlets that review rap music. Obtain the press contact's information on the media outlets' website.

Write a one paragraph email query and send to each press contact. Direct the press contact to your personal website for more information and music samples.

Follow up by email or telephone with the media outlets two weeks from the day that you sent out your press queries.