How to Create a Monogram in Microsoft Word

A monogram is a decorative design that uses a person's three initials. The last-name initial is typically the largest, center letter, and it is surrounded on either side with the first- and middle-name initials. Monograms can be used to decorate clothing, linen items, tote bags, stationary or other personal or household items. Learn how to create an attractive monogram in Microsoft Word that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Open a new document in Word. Select the center text alignment.

Select an appropriate font to use for the monogram letters. A monogram is typically a fancy or script font instead of a block or bold font, but the font can be any style of your choosing.

Enter in the three letters of the monogram, starting with the first-name initial, followed by the last-name initial then the middle-name initial.

Select the first-name initial and make the font size larger. A recommended size might be a 48-point size. Select the last-name initial and make the font size approximately two times bigger than the first-name initial. Select the middle-name initial and make the font size the same size as the first-name initial.

Click "Save" to save your new document onto your hard drive.