How to Create a Clay Dinosaur

Things You'll Need

  • Clay or playdoh of various colors
  • Plastic fork and spoon
  • Plastic plate or cardboard

How to Create a Clay Dinosaur. Dinosaurs thrill chilren, because they're giant and mysterious and give room for a child's imagination to roam. Although a toy elephant or tiger might be fun, the dinosaurs were as big as houses. Making clay dinosaurs with a child teaches them real facts about how they lived and makes a lasting memory to share together.

Gather your choice of materials, including different colors of clay or play dough, a plastic fork and spoon and something to display the dinosaur and its habitat once it's created.

Choose a few dinosaurs from a book that you read together. As you work, talk about what the dinosaur ate and how it protected itself. If there are fossils available in your learning material, explain how we know about dinosaurs and how long ago they lived.

Start with some clay for the body working it to make it warm and pliable. Make an oval shape and then pull up and down the opposing ends for the head and the tail. Blend in front and back legs appropriate to the dinosaur.

Make eyes with white and black clay and teeth with the white clay. Some dinosaurs will have sharper teeth than others. Use the plastic fork and spoon for marking the teeth, claws and body of the dinosaur.

Create an environment for the dinosaur to sit among including plants, trees and water with the clay. A plastic plate or cardboard will work well so the child can keep the display and show it to friends and family.