How to Create a '50s Costume for Women

Things You'll Need

  • Blouses With Peter Pan Collar
  • Full Poodle Skirts
  • Solid-color Scarves
  • White Sneakers
  • White Socks
  • Eye Makeup
  • Rubber Band Hair Tie
  • Elvis CDs Or Tape

How to Create a '50s Costume for Women. Wear a poodle skirt with white socks and sneakers and you will look like you belong back in the '50s.

Pull your hair back into a ponytail with a coated rubber band. Tie a solid-color scarf in a knot on top of the rubber band. If your hair is short, just brush it away from your face and tie the scarf around your neck.

Put on pink lipstick. Keep the eye makeup light.

Put on a short-sleeved, solid-color blouse with a Peter Pan collar.


Tuck the blouse into a wide, solid-color skirt with a poodle applique near the bottom on the left side. The skirt looks best if it comes to about 5 inches below your knees.


Wear white sneakers with white ankle socks.


  • While you are getting dressed, put on some early Elvis music to get you in a dancing mood. Purchase the poodle applique at a crafts store, if necessary.