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How to Contact Music Promoters

To make it big in the music industry you will need to get the attention of a record label.
microphone image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.com

Making it big in the music industry is every band and artist's dream. However, before you can play sold-out stadiums, you need to get the attention of a music label. Contacting a music promoter can represent the most important step of your career so make sure you prepare.

Make a demo recording to share. When you contact a music promoter, you need to provide her with a sample of your music to review and share with other members of the recording company. This is basically an audio resume and offers your best shot at grabbing her attention. Make sure your demo is well-rounded and illustrates a true representation of your sound.

Take professional photos of you or your band. When you send your demo package, include a photo. Spend extra money for quality photographs to include with your package.

Choose a music promoter to contact. The promoter, or record label, you select should represent the genre of music you perform. Some record labels specialize in a specific genre, so if your music doesn’t fit its style, your time is wasted.

Send your information package to the promoter or record label. Include a biography of yourself or your group to give the record company a sense of who you are. This presents an opportunity to introduce yourself, so anything particularly unique or special about your style should be pointed out. Make the package visually appealing.

Follow up on your demo package. Wait a few days after your demo package should have arrived, and then call the company. Be polite and professional, and remember that your demo is not the only one they have to review.

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