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How to Connect Digital Drums to a Stereo

For years, drummers have been trying to find a way to practice without waking the neighbors. With the advent of electronic drums, drummers can now practice any time and with the use of headphones, no one else need know about it. While using headphones on digital drums is ideal for an individual practice session, more volume will be necessary if you wish to use the drums in a group setting. The easiest way to increase the volume of your digital drum set is to connect them to a stereo receiver. Connecting digital drums to a stereo is a very straightforward process.

Set up the drum set near the stereo. Y-cables can be as short as 6 inches or as long as 9 feet. Set your drum set close enough that the cable has enough slack to reach the inputs of the stereo receiver.

Locate the connection points on the stereo and the drum set. The control panel of the drum set will have a headphone jack that doubles as an output jack. Your stereo receiver will have multiple RCA input jacks located in the back of the unit. Labels for each set of jacks will include “CD,” “DVD” or “AUX.”

Connect the drum set to the stereo. Insert the 1/4-inch TRS end of the cable into the headphone jack of the drum set control panel. Select a set of RCA inputs on the back of the stereo receiver and insert the RCA end of the Y-cable into the jacks. Match the color of the input jacks with the cable when making the connection.

Adjust the settings on the stereo. On the front of the stereo, select the input that is connected to the Y-cable. Set the master volume of stereo so that future adjustments only have to be made from the drum set control panel.

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