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How to Connect an Intec Steering Wheel to a PS3

The Sony PlayStation 3 offers a variety of racing games, such as "Burnout Paradise," "Gran Tourismo" and "Need for Speed," to name a few. While PS3 racing games are known for their elaborate graphics and sound, adding a peripheral like the Intec Steering Wheel provides a more realistic experience than the conventional controller. It also makes gaming easier because of its intuitive nature, as opposed to using your thumbs. Like all PS3 peripherals, it connects -- or syncs -- to the console using wireless BlueTooth technology.

Insert four AAA batteries into the wheel's battery compartment. The batteries are not included with the product, so purchase them separately.

Turn on your PlayStation 3 console.

Insert the USB accessory -- included with the wheel -- into one of your console's USB ports. The ports are rectangular slots located on the front of your PS3. You will see several blinking lights on the wheel.

Press the round, black "Connect" button, located on the bottom left part of the wheel's face. The blinking will stop after a few seconds, leaving only one solid red light right above the number "1" marked on the wheel. The connection is now complete. This also indicates that the product is set for player 1. Repeat Steps 1 to 4 for any additional Intec wheel controllers.

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