How to Connect a Playstation 3 to Your Wireless Internet

Though the PlayStation 3 has its fair share of offline capabilities, it's hard to argue with the benefits of taking it online. Not only can you browse the store for new games or downloadable content to purchase, but you can bring your gaming skills against other skilled players around the world. With a built-in wireless adapter, you simply connect the console to your existing wireless network.

Navigate to the Settings menu on your PS3 dashboard and select "Network Settings." Make sure there is no Ethernet cable attached to the console.

Press "X" on "Internet Connection Settings." You'll be asked to confirm disconnecting from the Internet.

Pick "Easy," followed by "Wireless."

Select "Scan" to check for nearby access points or broadcast signals. You can manually enter this information, but that's only recommended for advanced users.

Select your wireless network's name from the list that appears.

Enter the settings as requested. Before you can enter a password, you must select the type of encryption the network uses. If you're not sure which this is, think of your password. WEP keys need to be 5 or 13 alphanumeric characters. WPA keys can range anywhere between 8 to 63 alphanumeric characters. Naturally, if you have no password, there is no encryption in place.

Save your settings and select "Test Connection." If the test fails, you'll have the option to go through the settings and verify what you typed in.


  • Custom settings allow you to manually enter an SSID, encryption key and static IP settings. This is generally for advanced users who choose not to publicly broadcast their network.


  • If you leave an Ethernet cable plugged in, the PlayStation 3 will automatically default to that connection.