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How to Clean Moon Gel for Drums

Moongel can dampen the ringing tones of your drums or cymbals.
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Moongel is a kind of blue transparent gel pad which drummers use to control resonance in drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments. The gel is marketed in small rectangular strips which are sold in airtight tubs of four pieces. The gel is self-adhesive, and sticks to the batter head of your snare drum and tom toms on a standard drum set. However, over time the gel may become dirty, dusty and less adhesive. When your moongel no longer sticks to the playing surface of your drum, it's time for a gel cleaning session.

Things You'll Need:

  • Warm Water
  • Bowl
  • Dish Detergent

Pour one cup of warm water from the faucet into a bowl or other container. The water should be a comfortable temperature for hand-washing or bathing -- not too hot.

Add one tablespoon of dish detergent to the bowl of warm water. Using your hands or a utensil, stir the detergent so that it mixes with the water.

Drop your Moongel strips into the bowl of warm water. Gently rub each strip of gel in the water to remove any dirt on the gel surface.

Rinse each gel strip under fresh, warm water from the faucet, and place the clean gel on a plate, cooling rack or other smooth surface to dry.


Keeping your cleaned moongel in an airtight tub or sandwich bag will keep it clean and sticky for longer.


  • Do not leave your moongel within reach of children who may mistake it for food.
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