How to Glue Plastic Sheeting

Hot glue gun isolated image by Marek Kosmal from

Things You'll Need

  • Contact cement
  • Brush
  • Clamps

Gluing plastic sheeting to various surfaces is necessary for some crafts and models. It can be challenging, however, since hot glue guns can melt plastic, and standard white glue can look sloppy under a clear plastic surface or cause messy-looking bumps when it dries. The solution is to use contact cement. This glue is strong enough to hold plastic sheeting to other materials for a long time, and it dries smooth and clear.

Using your brush, completely coat the plastic sheeting and the other surface with contact cement.

Firmly press the plastic and the other surface together.


Secure your plastic to the other surface with clamps. Leave the clamps in place until the glue is completely dry.