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How to Clean Cloisonne

Many people collect cloisonne clocks, jewelry and other fine art pieces. The metal designs under the enamel or glass of cloisonne separate these pieces of art from others. Intricate patterns and fine details are part of the cloisonne traditional design. It is important to be able to clean these pieces without removing the outer finish. Here's how.

Things You'll Need:

  • Lint-Free Jeweler’S Cleaning Cloths
  • Lint-Free Towel


Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly before handling cloisonne pieces. You do not want the oily residue from your hands depositing on the collector’s piece.

Set the cloisonne piece on a lint-free towel. This will cushion it while you are cleaning it.

Using a lint-free jeweler’s cloth, wipe small sections of the item in small, circular motions. When the cloth is dirty, set it aside. Continue cleaning with a fresh cleaning cloth.


After cleaning, place the item out of direct sunlight. If the cloisonne item is small enough, place it in an airtight container in a dark place to keep it in mint condition.


  • Never use abrasive cleaners on cloisonne pieces because they can scratch and damage the items. Never use a feather duster on cloisonne items because it can dislodge portions of the piece.
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