How to Catch a Football Every Time

Learning to catch a football can be a daunting task. The ball comes from the quarterback at varying speeds and degrees of accuracy. The oblong shape of the ball can make it tricky to catch under the best of circumstances. However, a good wide receiver has to catch the ball under all circumstances. If the ball comes in high or low, there is a defensive back draped all over the receiver or a maximum impact hit is on its way, a good wide receiver will still be able to catch it.

Learn to concentrate. In order to catch the football, the receiver has to concentrate all his attenion on catching the ball. That means keeping his eyes on the ball until it is securely in his hands. Only then can a receiver look away, to survey the field for tacklers.

Create a diamond with your hands. Extend your arms away from your body and bring your two thumbs and forefingers together so that they form a diamond. This is where your should attempt to catch the ball. Then quickly bring the ball into your body.

Secure the ball. The receiver must bring the ball close to his body immediately following the reception. Gather the ball into the body and then hook the thumb of the dominant hand over the point of the ball. Secure the body of the ball under the forearm.

Increase your strength and endurance with weight training. In order to maintain possession, the receiver has to be able to absorb the hit without hesitation or bobble. Taking the hit is difficult, but a strong upper body will help the receiver do just that.


A good receiver will constantly work on his technique and workout for top conditioning.


Maintaining excellent conditioning will help a receiver stay healthy and finish a season without injury. Some injuries cannot be avoided, but if a player is in great condition, he will have a higher level of confidence.

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