How to Build Your Own Welding Cart

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Things You'll Need

  • ¾ -inch iron angle rods
  • ½ -inch expanded 18 inch sheet metal
  • welder and welding equipment
  • apron and helmet
  • hacksaw
  • grinder
  • plasma cutter

A welding cart is an essential piece of equipment to have in your arsenal of welding tools. Welding carts are a great place to store your welder, welding tools, and safety accessories. By adding a set of wheels to your welding cart, your welding equipment will be mobile and easy to move around for various projects.

Download the welding cart plans available down below in the resources section. The plans will help you to build a cart that will have sufficient space for equipment storage and proper weight displacement of the welder itself.

Tack-weld the frame together. Lay the pieces out on a non-combustible surface such as the shop or garage floor you are working on. Square up the frame pieces and then tack-weld them together. Use clamps to secure the pieces in place while you work.

Cut through the ¾ -inch angle iron using a chop saw. Make the appropriate cuts according to the building plans you downloaded. If you do not have access to a chop saw, you can also use a hand saw or hacksaw.

Use a plasma cutter to trim the angle iron at the joints. By trimming the angle iron at the joints, the pieces will fit together more tightly. You can also use a grinder for this process if no plasma cutter is available.

Finish assembling the front and rear frames. Once the front and rear frames are tack-welded according to the design, you will add in the horizontal frame as well. Make sure to keep all the frame pieces squared as you weld. Once the entire framework is in place finish the tack-welds to make them permanent and secure.

Install the accessory hooks and shelves. Tack-weld the shelves to the iron angle frame. Hooks for gloves and aprons can just be bolted in place to the frame.

Attach the wheels to your cart. The size and type of wheel you use for the cart will depend on the type of floor surface in your workshop. If you have a very smooth floor you can use small wheels.

Paint your cart the color of your choice. Adding a coat or two of paint will make your cart look more professional and customized.