How to Build Bird Houses for Florida

Things You'll Need

  • Wood
  • Wood glue
  • Hammer
  • Nails or screws
  • Saw
  • Paint

How to Build Bird Houses for Florida. Attracting and keeping native birds in Florida can depend on providing them with their preferred type of housing. Birdhouses for Florida often concentrate on woodpeckers, owls and other native birds. These birds often prefer to build their nests in palm or pine trees so houses should mimic these environments.

Decide on the type of bird that you want to attract to your yard. One size doesn't fit all in the bird world and you'll have better luck if you customize the birdhouse to the bird you want in it. Research the types of birds that live in Florida and take notes on the types of nest structures and materials that they use as well as where their nests are generally located.

Choose the wood for your birdhouse. Red cedar and bald cypress are good choices as is pine, although it's less durable. Buy wood that has not been treated with stain or other preservatives, which can be harmful to birds. Hallowed out gourds can be another natural birdhouse material.

Design your birdhouse. You can find plans for birdhouses online or in books and magazines. Keep the type of bird in mind when you're choosing a size and shape for the birdhouse.

Glue the joints on the birdhouse together before you nail them together. The glue helps make the birdhouse last longer. Use galvanized or brass nails and screws so that you can avoid rust on the birdhouse.

Paint the exterior of your birdhouse with a latex paint for pine or plywood houses. You'll want to leave the inside of the birdhouse and the entrance hole unpainted so the bird isn't harmed by the paint. Painting the exterior can help camouflage the birdhouse and protect it from the elements. Choose gray, tan or dull green for most species and white for purple martins.

Hang the birdhouse at the correct height for the species that you want to attract. Choosing an accessible spot can help you check on the birdhouse and it's inhabitants from time to time.

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