How to Build a Wooden Barbie Dollhouse

Things You'll Need

  • wood glue
  • MDF (multi-density fiberboard)
  • finished plywood or laminate
  • outdoor carpet
  • wallpaper
  • printable dollhouse miniatures
  • Barbie dollhouse furniture

Wooden Barbie dollhouse fans exist as collectors, wood crafts, and parents of Barbie dollhouse enthusiasts. Here are some simple ideas of how to make a wooden barbie dollhouses that anyone can enjoy.

First cut and sand edges of laminated or finished plywood for floors and sides and cut a large piece of medium density fiberboard for the backing of your wooden barbie dollhouse.

Next use locking wood fasteners or wooden pegs and glue to assist in securing the wooden parts of your barbie dollhouse.

Measure the height of your barbie dollhouse dolls and make the height of each room around 2 or so inches or larger depending on the scale you want to make your wooden dollhouses.

After painting or finishing your dollhouse parts attach your mdf backing to your wooden dollhouses frame using wood glue and pegs or wood screws.

Use outdoor carpeting to cover floors and wallpaper for walls to enhance your wooden Barbie dollhouse.

You can also use dollhouse miniature printable stencils found online to print out wallpaper, roof shingles, or rugs and welcome mats for your wooden Barbie dollhouses.

Lastly include some wooden dollhouse furniture with correct scale to match Barbie to bring your dollhouses to life.


  • Always paint your wooden dollhouse frame and backing first before assembling your barbie dollhouses. Print out your dollhouse miniature printable items on a durable material like vinyl, fabric or heavy card stock to reduce ware. The standard barbie dollhouse scale is 6:1 but be consistent with whatever scale you use for your wooden Barbie dollhouses. You can save steps by purchasing a wooden dollhouse kit or bookcase to use as a frame for your Barbie dollhouse and personalize it to your liking.

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