How to Build a Velcro Display Board

Creating visual boards is a way to arrange goals, ideas and projects. Creating your own takes little effort and just a few tools. The wonderful idea of this visual board is that you can remove or re-arrange the visuals to fit your needs.

How to Build a Velcro Display Board

Purchase cork tiles from your local office supply store or from the world wide web. These tiles usually come in packs of four and they each measure twelve inches by twelve inches.

Purchase a package of Velcro.

Determine where you want your visual board to hang. Attach the cork tiles with the self adhesive.


Cut out your visuals or print them from the computer. Attach either the female of male end of the Velcro to the visual. Make sure you put the opposite piece onto the visual board you have just hung.


Once the Velcro is attached to both the visual and the board, you can proceed hanging your visuals on to the board. If you visual needs to be changed, simply attach the Velcro to the visual and press the visual on to the board.


Things You'll Need

  • Self adhesive cork tiles
  • Self adhesive velcro

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