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How to Build a Jig to Bend Metal

A socket set helps to size the metal bends.
Zedcor Wholly Owned/PhotoObjects.net/Getty Images

Things You'll Need:

  • Drill
  • 1/2 inch bit
  • Hardwood board
  • 2 bolts
  • Metal strap
  • Socket set
  • Vice

A metal-bending jig is a tool that creates leverage to change the shape of metal. Some multipurpose jigs can be purchased commercially, but most metal-bending jigs are purpose-made in the workshop. This jig can be used to bend metal strips, malleable tubing and wire. Bending heavier tubing or wider metal sheets may require a different type of jig. The jig may need to be made on a metal plate if you plan to use heavier or harder metals.

Drill a series of holes in two rows in the hardwood base.

Run two 1/2-inch bolts through a metal strap. Slip sockets over the bolts between the strap and the base. This will further strengthen the jig and help to create more rounded angles. These sockets can also be changed to change the angle of the curve.


Select the holes needed for the bend you are trying to create, and screw the bolts into the base. Tighten with a wrench.


Use a vise to hold the jig to an anchored table or workbench and use the leverage created by the jig to bend the metal.

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