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How to Block Letters

Block lettering is a form of writing that uses straight lines to create the letters of the alphabet. This includes both the small and capital letters. The letters are wide or thick with all angles sharp and geometric. The easiest way to learn to make block letters is using a piece of graph/grid paper. The best size graph/grid paper to use in the beginning stages is 1/4-inch. Practice drawing each letter in a box that is ten squares high and eight squares wide.

Things You'll Need:

  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • 1/4-Inch Grid/Graph Paper
  • Pencil

Divide the graph/grid paper into 10 blocks high and 8 blocks wide. Leave two empty blocks between each square. Place the edge of the ruler along the colored line on the graph/grid paper. Position the point of the pencil at the top edge of one block. Pull the pencil down along the edge of the ruler until 10 squares are marked. Line the ruler up along the top point of the line and draw a line 8 squares wide. Repeat the process on the remaining two sides.

Draw all capital letters using the outside edge of each marked area as the outside line for each capital letter. Make the width of each leg or outside edge three squares wide. For example: Make the capital letter A by counting in three squares along the bottom edge of one square. Make a vertical line four squares high. Count over two more squares on the bottom line. Make a second vertical line four squares high. Connect the two squares. Count up from the line that connected the two vertical lines two squares. Draw a 4-by-4 square directly above the connecting line for the center of the A.

Draw all small letters using the same size box. Draw the center openings in letters like a, b, e, o, p leaving a two square area open between the outside of the letter and the opening. For example. the letter 'a' is drawn by counting up one box from the bottom edge. Make a horizontal line five squares long. Draw a vertical line down one square. This connects the 'a' to the outline of the 10-by-8 block. Count up the left edge of the block seven squares. Draw a horizontal line along the top of the seventh square Make the horizontal 5 squares long. Draw a vertical line up one square then horizontal three to the right. A small letter 'a' is made.

Practice drawing each letter of the alphabet in the 10-by-8 square boxes. Erase any unnecessary lines when complete.


Trace around the completed letters with a permanent marker. Erase the pencil lines for a clean looking block letter.

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