How to Begin Pyrography

By Contributor ; Updated September 15, 2017

Things Needed

  • Woodburning pen
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood panels
  • Leather (optional)
  • Tips
  • Pyrography examples
  • Tutorials
  • Tip holder

How to Begin Pyrography. Pyrography is an unusual art form that uses fire writing to burn wood or leather to create various depths of brown. With pyrography, you can create pictures of wildlife, people or scenery. You don't have to be a professionally trained artist to begin pyrography, but you do need a good eye for detail and a steady hand.

Buy the supplies to start pyrography from an established, reputable supplier. You need a woodburning pen, sandpaper, wood panels of birch, sycamore, holly or boxwood or leather. Some companies carry a full line of pyrography supplies and offer customer service and a help line should you encounter problems.

Consider buying more than one handle and various tips. Handles cost more than tips, but you can limit the time spent changing tips if you use more than one handle. Tips create different looks and save you time by making it easier to accomplish a certain style.

Set up an area where you can work. You need proper ventilation from the fumes given off by the burning wood.

Develop your technique and personal style. The speed of the stroke as well as the pressure determines the type of line created. Hold the handle firmly in your hand without grasping it too tight. Be conscious of how you are holding your back as stooping may cause back ache or cramping.

Look at examples of professional work or tutorials in books or on DVD that show you how to woodburn. Many professional pyrographers maintain websites with free information and personally answer questions on technique.


Store your hot tips in a holder until they cool to avoid burning yourself or your work area.

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