How to Become a Seat Filler in Hollywood

How to Become a Seat Filler in Hollywood. If you are interested in attending glamorous Hollywood events such as the Grammy Awards, The American Idol Finale and the Oscars, consider becoming a seat filler in Hollywood. Most major Hollywood award shows and special events need seat fillers to ensure it looks like a packed house. Becoming a seat filler is easy.

Visit seatfillers.com and fill out an application. A resume and photo will need to be submitted. The photo does not have to be professionally taken but should be clear and recent.

Check your email daily once you are accepted as a seat filler. Seat fillers will notify you by email if you are invited to be a filler for a particular event. You usually only get a few days notice. Only accept the assignment if you are sure you can attend.

Read all instructions carefully. You will be instructed on how to dress as the event may be formal or semi-formal. Information such as where to go at the venue and arrival time will be included. Keep in mind many major Hollywood events are televised and a neat and appropriate appearance are a must.

Understand your role. Once the event starts you may be instructed to fill a seat for a celebrity or other invited guest until they arrive. Once the celebrity arrives, you will be ushered to fill seats as needed, such as when a celebrity steps away to use the restroom. Keep in mind the point is for all seats to be filled for the camera. You will likely be moving around a lot.


Keep in mind you are not paid. It is strictly a volunteer assignment. Be sure to cancel in a timely manner if you cannot attend the event. This allows other seat fillers to be notified to fill up seats.


Don't mingle with the celebrities. Most agencies which recruit seat fillers will instruct you not to ask for autographs or try to talk with the celebrities.

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